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Will chocolate give you pimples?

Apparently NOT! (at this stage there is no real statistical evidence) But my friend Lucy will tell you if she eats chocolate she will guarantee she will have a pimple two days later! So maybe it's on an individual basis.

The fact is that we develop pimples because our hormones send the sebaceous gland in our skin into overdrive, increasing production of a natural oil called sebum.   Sebum makes our skin oilier and can block pores along with dirt and dead skin cells causing pimples. 

So for now, don't beat yourself up about your skin and consuming chocolate.  But don't go and gobble loads of Easter eggs either,  eating too much of any food with large amounts of sugar and fat is unhealthy.

Michelle Bridges (Biggest Loser trainer) also wrote to me again this week to let me know that it takes 8 minutes of skipping or jogging to burn off one teeny tiny easter egg, and 55 minutes of jogging to burn off a large easter egg, so our yummy easter eggs are loaded with calories, enjoy in moderation.  

Over the Easter break keep a good skin care routine going, drink lots of water, it is a definitely your skin's (and body's) best friend and remember everything in moderation.

We wish you an egg-citing (hehehe) Easter holiday shared with family and friends.  Safe travels to all who have done the distance.

Melissa & the team @ Harmoni's Kiss


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