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The Why? In HK's Organic Roll On Deodorant

Who Can use Harmoni's Kiss Organic Roll On Deodorant?

Everyone! Although Harmoni's Kiss formulated the Organic Roll On Deodorant with girls in mind, this product is so effective that the whole family can use it (even the boys if they dig PINK). 

Handing down a deodorant is a big milestone for both mothers (or careers) and daughters, it's an indication that the biological change of becoming a young women is approaching.  Giving a natural alternative to anti-perspirants at this stage of life is a smart choice.

Using Harmoni's Kiss Roll on at any stage of life is also a smart decision. We love that mums, young women and older women have written in to tell us how much they love using the Organic Roll On, what great role models you are for our younger generation!

read more about why Harmoni's Kiss Organic Roll On was formulated.

Why Do Ingredients Matter?

We can use hundreds of ingredients on our body every single day without even realising it. We are often conscious about what we put in our mouth, but we don't always think about what we are putting on our skin.  

If we use food as an analogy, we know that a fresh salad sandwich is a better choice than a Big Mac, but what about the choice between a chemical anti-perspirant and a certified organic deodorant?   Harmoni's Kiss certified Organic Roll on is like a fresh salad sandwich on grain bread, we just formulated an alternative to a Big Mac for you!

If it helps, you can learn more about subjects like body burden or watch the video on the story about stuff. While these topics maybe controversial (and we don't promote any naming of companies or products in this video), they are a good resource for you to get the general concept on why ingredients do matter. 

What about aluminium?

Harmoni's Kiss Organic Roll On Deodorant is aluminium free. There has been many studies suggesting a link between breast cancer and aluminium, these studies are inconclusive.  There have also been studies showing a strong connection between aluminium and Alzheimers Disease.  While these studies are unresolved we believe it is a better choice not to use chemicals that are questionable to our health in any of our product. Our preference is to use certified organic ingredients, that will support our bodies naturally. 

If you don't use aluminium what do you use to make your deodorant as effective as the regular anit-perspirants?

Harmoni's Kiss took a naturopathy approach to body odour.  We used beautiful certified organic oils together with supportive ingredients to make this product work just as well as regular anti perspirants. It's not only in the ingredients but how we mix it that makes it active, just like whipping up fresh cream instead of spraying the cream out of a can.  Don't let anyone tell you that organic deodorants don't work, because Harmoni's Kiss Roll On Organic Deodorant is proof that they can (you just have to find the right one!)

Here is the full list of ingredients that we use in Harmoni's Kiss Organic Roll On Deodorant (*Organic:

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice*, Witch Hazel Extract*, Glycerine*, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Sodium Bi-carbonate, Guar Gum*, Zinc Oxide, Lime Oil*, Geranium Flower Oil*, Frankincense Oil*, Sweet Fennel Oil*, Rose Flower Oil*, Fragrance (totally plant based fragrance).  You can check out all the properties on these ingredients and why we used them under Kind Ingredients on our website.

Our Mission is to work For the Greater Good!

  • Harmoni's Kiss support young women as they enter and proceed through puberty.
  • Harmoni's Kiss values are to educate, empower & challenge, fashionable, fun and energetic.
  • Harmoni's Kiss raises funds through the sale of products to help those in need.
  • Harmoni's Kiss raises funds to contribute to Breast Care nurses and educating young women on breast health through The McGrath Foundation.
  • Harmoni's Kiss is Australia's first teen label to be endorsed by Australian Certified Organic
  • Harmoni's Kiss is passionate Australian Certified Organic ingredients "good for us and our environment".
  • Harmoni's Kiss uses recyclable and Australian made containers where possible.
  • Harmoni's Kiss is working on a carbon smart program.

Anastasia Cherul commented on 06-Apr-2012 05:10 PM
I love this deodorant, the most effective among organic and natural alteratives that I've tried. I noticed it also makes underarm skin not only free of irritation, but also smooth and soft (something I didn't expect from a deodorant).

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