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Never be afraid to say you're scared

The breeze was getting stronger as the train drew nearer. I did the safe thing and hopped in the carriage behind the guard. I couldn't determine how many people were on the train but I counted three in my carriage. I wasn't completely sure if I had left enough time to make the gates before they closed, I was enjoying the party so much I thought missing the gates into the "park like" school grounds was secondary. I would just have to phone security, I know they would come and get me or I could just walk briskly to the main security entrance a kilometre away. It'll be fine.

The lights flickered as we passed each stop I had been on the train for about 20 minutes. My destination drew closer, in anticipation for power walking I pulled my flats out of my bag and swapped them for my heels. I was still hoping someone would be disembarking with me. Thoughts racing through my head, I never do this, I should have driven, I tell my girls to always walk in a group, never be alone and don't walk in the dark! My mind flashing to the memorial walk for Jill Meagher. 

The time had come to prepare to get off, there didn't seem to be anyone else preparing, I was ready for the dash. The train stopped, I stepped out from behind the sliding doors onto the platform and saw that there were about seven people leaving the train at the other end of the station. They were fast up the stairs, in a hurry. The train started moving off and I was about 8 carriages in length behind them, I had to run fast just to make the back of the pack. My flats sounded like stalker shoes getting closer and closer, heads were turning as they heard my clip clop, they could sense my urgency. 

We all walked out to the street down under the road, through and out the dreaded tunnel, then all of a sudden cars were pulling up to collect their loved ones and people were disappearing.

It was dark, very dark and then I saw them, the gates, they were closed. I looked around and it was me and another, a lady who looked like she had had a long day at the office she was immediately heading for the only car in the street. I stopped to pull out my phone to call security and realised I was being left behind in the dark, wide, long and leafy street, the lady was getting further away from me, "don't be alone" I heard my husbands voice in my head. "Catch up to the lady and then make your call". 

I started running towards her and unexpectedly we both turned our heads at the same time as we heard a slow moving vehicle, a white van. I started running faster towards her, she moved quickly and had reached her car, I started calling to her, '"excuse me, excuse me" she stopped and turned with one leg in the drivers side, she could see the white van getting closer. "I am scared" I called, "my daughter is a boarder at this school and I am staying with her I can't get in the gates could you possibly drop me around the corner?" "Sure, sure jump in" she said, at that time the van moved slowly passed us. We both looked at each other, "you know this is a very safe area, but you can never be too paranoid" she said, my thoughts exactly!

I woke at 5.30 the next morning, with the episodes of the night before racing through my mind. Besides thinking how stupid I was for not being more prepared to get back to my accommodation without fear, I couldn't stop thinking about Glenn McGrath (after all he is just a man who lost his wife),  you know he didn't have to do more.

Can I also tell you when I went for a run that morning I saw at least four white vans with business names on them parked in beautiful family homes around the suburb, cars were driving slowly not only was it a school zone, but there were crossings and speed humps (hence the speed of the white van). 

Sometimes things don't seem as they are, but if you tell someone how you feel you will usually get what you need. I told someone I was scared and I got home safely. (a big thank you to that awesome lady!)

speak soon, 
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